Tomoyuki Tsuruta (1981~ )

1981年 長野県長野市生まれ
1999年よりIstituto Europea di Designでインテリアを学ぶ
2004-2005年 Visual Echo プロジェクト参加
2006年5月 ナポリに滞在
Mimmo Jodice, Sergio Riccio, Antonio Biasiucci, and Cecilia Battimelli.に学ぶ

He was born in Nagano Prefecture Nagano City, Japan in 1981.
As for him, the language study went to study abroad, and stayed in Siena , Toscana Florence, for one year in Italy from August, 1998.
He moved to Milan in 1999, entered Istituto Europea di Design, and learnt interior design.
He entered Universita ‘Dell’ Imagine (photograph) in 2003.
He participated in the Visual Echo project 2004~2005 as a photographer.
He entered CFP Riccardo Bauer (photograph) in 2005.
He stayed in Naples in May, 2006.
He is studying under Mimmo Jodice, Sergio Riccio, Antonio Biasiucci, and Cecilia Battimelli.
He is acting as a photographer in Milan, Italy now.

Nasce a Nagano in Giappone nel 1981.
Viene in Italia nel 1998. Vive a Siena, Firenze, e attualmente a Milano.
1999 Frequenta l’Istituto Europeo di Design a Milano (corso Architettura d’interno).
2004-2005 Mostra Fotografica con il gruppo Visual Echo in Genshou_Temple.
2005 Frequenta CFP Riccardo Bauer (corso fotografo).
Maggio,2006 Va a Napoli e fa lo Stage con Mimmo Jodice, Sergio Riccio, Antonio Biasiucci, Cecilia Battimelli.
Novembre,2006 Mostra Fotografica in “RIVARENO”.Titolo e’ “BURANO”

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